Announcing: James Gunn's Ad Astra!

The Center for the Study of Science Fiction (CSSF), in association with the University of Kansas, announces the launch of James Gunn’s Ad Astra, an online resource for authors, scholars and all those who are interested in speculative fiction at


Since I noted the demised of MURKY DEPTHS I learned about four other magazines that were paying markets for poetry have folded. On the other hand another dead market,ABANDONED TOWERS . I bring this up for this reason.

Greg Bear on "When Genes Go Walkabout"

We have so much video in the CSSF library that deciding what to post next is an almost overwhelming decision. Fortunately, we had a request for a video from our 2004 Campbell Conference to be used in a classroom.

Greg Bear presented materials about his inspiration for the book Darwin's Radio for the future during a "Things to Come" panel of science fiction authors and scientists. We have highlights from more presentations on our AboutSF YouTube channel.

See China Mieville's Talk In Full

In 2009, noted author China Mieville came to the University of Kansas, here in lovely Lawrence, for the Richard W. Gunn Memorial Lecture series. He spoke for over an hour, covering topics as diverse as the effects of H.G. Wells' vision of the future on the genre and how science fiction sees itself today.

We've a greatest hits compilation from that lecture on our YouTube channel for some time now. Now I'm happy to announce that we have the entire lecture posted to that site for your enjoyment.


I am sad to hear that the outstanding British df/h ezine and important showcase for poetry MURKY DEPTHS. To me its amazing as to how quickly a new ezine like MURKY DEPTHS Many of the poems it publishes are nominated for RHYSLINGS and other awards. can quickly become an important showcase for poetry. Its an interesting contrast to long established magazine like ASIMOV'S publish a vast number of poems and it cant get a single Rhysling nomination. There is a moral out there but I am damned if I can see it. I would love to see comments on the topic.

See What's in the CSSF Library (in progress)

The Center's library of books is huge. I mean, thousands of books. I'm typing this post from a desk hidden behind multiple shelves double-stacked with books, and there are more books, magazines, journals, videos, and other media stacked all around me.

We've got resources, is what I'm saying. Come by and borrow some reading material; you won't run out of things to enjoy.

Kij Johnson reading on October 18

Author (and the CSSF Associate Director) Kij Johnson will hold a reading and book singing at Jayhawk Ink on Tuesday, October 18, from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Kij teaches the summer Novel Writing Workshop when she's not busy writing stories and winning the Sturgeon, World Fantasy, Locus and Nebula awards. She's had several Hugo nominations for her work as well.

Jayhawk Ink is on the 3rd floor of the Kansas Union, on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, KS. (That's a lot of Kansas, isn't it?)

If you're in the area, this is a great event to attend.