Meet The New Coordinators -- And Come Aboard AboutSF!


AboutSF has gone through some significant changes in the last year, one of which is the hiring of new volunteer coordinators: myself, Adam Mills, and my colleague, Christina Lord. The website for AboutSF itself is going through some changes as well, and before I explain what you can all expect, I thought I would properly introduce myself and Christina to you all!

I, Adam Mills, am a graduate student here at the University of Kansas. I’m heading into my third year of studies in pursuit of my PhD in Creative Writing and Literature. In addition to my duties serving AboutSF and the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction, I am a writer, editor, and teacher. My creative work has previously been published in The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and Ideomancer. I have also conducted interviews for The Rumpus and Weird Fiction Review Online. Additionally, I served as managing editor for WFROnline from 2012 to 2014, during which time it was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. My professional and scholarly interests include creative writing pedagogy, weird fiction, horror and dark fiction, and non-print/mixed media SF narratives.

Christina Lord is a PhD student in French literature and a French instructor at the University of Kansas. She earned both her BA (French) and MA (French and Francophone World Studies) from the University of Iowa. Thanks to their graduate exchange programs, she had two opportunities to teach English in France: one year at the University of Poitiers in western France and another at the University of Pau in the Pyrenees region. She also recently worked as a graduate student assistant for her department's summer study abroad program in Paris. After surviving comprehensive exams in the fall, she will start working on her dissertation, which will examine posthuman identities and environments in the French-language SF of Luc Besson, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Eric Chevillard, and J.H. Rosny ainé. 

Together, Christina and I are working on revamping the AboutSF website, as well as developing new content we can share online and updating pre-existing content to make sure our materials are up to date. We strongly believe in the power of SF education, given our personal interests and professional goals, and we want to continue to develop AboutSF as a hub for a community of SF scholars, writers, readers, students, and teachers, all interested in the potential to teach SF – either to themselves, or to others. We also believe that SF education can, and will, evolve to encompass more than just criticizing and utilizing print texts in classroom and online settings, though obviously SF education must always involve print sources to some extent. After all, Christina and I both have an interest in SF film and television, and my interests also extend out into comic books and video games, which I’m sure I’ll blog about here later, just as Christina will definitely be posting about French SF film in the future.

That said, we also want to welcome new contributors to our site as well! if AboutSF is going to become a vibrant community, we want to involve more people, and more thoughts and voices, than mine and Christina’s. If you are interested in contributing to AboutSF, please visit our Write About SF section for the site and consult the advice and recommendations we’ve listed there. We welcome essays and think-pieces contributing to prior columns we’ve ran in the past, like our Salvage Mission columns about books, films and writers deserving wider audiences and recognition, so feel free to read through the site to see what kinds of material we’ve published before. However, if you have something new in mind unlike what we’ve published before, feel free to query us about that too!

We look forward to hearing from potential contributors. In the meantime, keep your eyes on More to come soon!