Coming Soon: Revamped Speculative Speakers


Hi everyone! We're currently at Worldcon (and having a fantastic time), but I wanted to mention something that we talked about this morning at the SFWA business meeting.

Over the course of this next semester, we plan on redesigning and improving our Speculative Speakers service, in order to enhance its usefulness for both those who wish to speak, and those who wish to hire speakers. 

This will also help us to evaluate how often the service is being used and who's using it. Besides that, we want to help everyone who lists their name in our Speculative Speakers database has positive experiences with their speaking engagements, and we'd like to help spread the word about what they're doing and when! 

Further updates and changes will come after we get back from Worldcon, but just a heads up. If you have any questions about the Speculative Speakers database, or our upcoming changes, please email us at aboutsf at 

Hope to see you all around the con!